I love weddings


I get it. I went through the process of designing and planning my own wedding a year ago. From "I will" to "I do" it was the greatest time of my life. I got to express my passion for design, detail, florals and love, and what is better than that.

Let me rewind a little though...  

I studied visual communications at LA's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I then went on to  produce events for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sundance, and the NFL's SuperBowl. I am literally a professional at this!

With all that said producing a wedding is a very challenging and sometimes never ending process. After my wedding my husband and I went off to the Maldives where we had time to relax and reflect. As I laid in a hammock I couldn't stop thinking about every detail and all of the challenges I overcame to produce a 75 person wedding in a third world country, which was featured in "Destination I Do" magazine (wink wink!). I realized that I wanted to surround myself with love and creativity and focus entirely on producing weddings and other personal events.  

I started Fox Events and Design so I can share my passion. I have worked with brides in so many ways since then and continue to produce all sorts of personal events from non-profit fundraisers to destination weddings. I love the creation process and I am excellent at being organized and working with you to take your idea and make it tangible in the most beautiful (and hopefully floral!) way!

"I love working with people to make their dream a reality. I love seeing everyone surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere with smiles lighting up the room."